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Life with autoimmune disease doesn't have to be hard...

You wake up tired, in pain, and battle brain fog most of the day.

Each night, you go to bed exhausted, hoping that tomorrow will somehow be better.

No matter how many doctors' offices you visit or medical tests you complete, you somehow manage to always have more questions than answers...

And, on top of it all, you feel as if your health journey is so complex that there is no one out there who could possibly understand your struggle.

Let me guess...Sounds familiar, right?!?

Nowadays, this is how so many of us are feeling. We have unexplained symptoms, seek out medical care only to have our sanity questioned, and feel like we are running on fumes just trying to manage our day. As women (and men), we have so many responsibilities thrown on top of us that challenging health problems only add to our already unbalanced struggle.

Believe me, I know. I've been there. Many, many times.

You see, I have earned the title to over 26 official medical diagnoses, at least 6 of which are autoimmune in nature, and have ridden my fair share of roller coaster rides with illness. Unfortunately, my body started to fail me at a very young age, and I always seemed to be that one person, that one patient, where traditional treatment methods failed and medical professionals had more questions than answers in regards to my care.

Throughout this process, I made a choice to become my own best advocate, an avid researcher, and a passionate health and wellness entrepreneur. I started to learn about my conditions, traditional medications that could help, and other natural ways that I could (hopefully) improve my own symptoms. I took control of my care and refused to back down from this battle. And finally, after YEARS of struggling, I am finally starting to see some improvement.

However, this is not about me. This is about YOU...

Because this type of mindset is a CHOICE, and one that many of us could benefit from. Once we choose to think positively and choose to take control of our own care, the opportunities and possibilities of what could happen are endless. Don't give up. There is hope. You just have to be willing to find it.

Welcome to One Autoimmune Journey.

...a website and blog dedicated to sharing a positive outlook from the patient’s perspective of illness. I'm not bringing information from a certified perspective yet (even though I do hope to be able to do this one day) I am a fellow autoimmune and chronic illness warrior just like you. Through my own personal experiences with a lifetime of health challenges, I have now made it my mission to help others, promote positivity and bring the patient voice of living with disease to life.

It is my goal to share resources, strategies, and routines we can implement to live our best life, even with disease.  It is also my dream to create a powerful community of autoimmune and chronic illness warriors just like you that are looking for the same things: health-related support, long-term wellness strategies and ideas, and collaboration on what we all can do to better manage life with disease.

So, let’s gather together, support each other,  and learn how we all can make small changes today, so we can feel better tomorrow.

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About Tina

Imagine a life surrounded by others with autoimmune disease supporting you on your journey. Now imagine a quality life where research, positive thinking, & simple lifestyle changes have helped you better manage your health symptoms. These are just a few things my audience experiences after connecting with my community & taking a few steps towards improving their autoimmune symptoms & overall health with me.

Hi! My name is Tina & I am an online high school English teacher and college adjunct instructor by day & autoimmune warrior, advocate, & writer by night. I currently use my own personal health journey to help others feel better about themselves & find the resources they truly need to finally improve their health symptoms. Please check out the Work with Me section for information on all services I have to offer!


Please see below for different options in which you can work and/or connect with me. I'd love to help you in any way that I can!

Here I share researched tips and tricks for better health, simple lifestyle changes we all can make to improve our symptoms, and a positive approach to living life with disease. Find and connect with others who are on a similar journey and join a unique community dedicated to sharing positive information and resources on our official One Autoimmune Journey Business Page.


My Story: Part I (Childhood Edition) Featured Image

My Story (Part I): Childhood Edition

By Tina | January 30, 2019

Were you ever sick consistently as a child?  Have you ever wondered if things like diet, the chemicals or toxins you may have been exposed to, or genetics played a part in your journey to autoimmune disease?  Well, these are all questions I’ve been asking myself for years.  I may not have the direct answer…

Welcome to One Autoimmune Journey

Welcome to One Autoimmune Journey!

By Tina | January 22, 2019

Hello! And welcome to the first official blog post of my site, One Autoimmune Journey! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you are here! In this post, I would like to provide you with a quick (hopefully) overview of my life with autoimmune disease and chronic illness so far (prior to 2019). Hi!…


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