Autoimmune Warrior Network_Monthly VIP Peer Support Group
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Are you looking for unique and personalized monthly support from a growing autoimmune community? Would you love to learn more about autoimmune disease and other health-related ideas and topics? Better yet, know how to use that information to better your own symptoms? And how about having conversations with like-minded autoimmune warriors who "get it" and somewhat understand what you may be going through?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

Introducing...One Autoimmune Journey's monthly VIP Peer Support Group!

In this membership group, you'll receive:

  • Tips, tricks, strategies, resources, and information on a monthly health-related theme.
  • A private online support group for advice, encouragement, and discussion from/with autoimmune warriors just like you.
  • (1) LIVE workshop/webinar each month related to our monthly health theme (watch it live or view the recording when it's most convenient for you).
  • (1) downloadable resource related to our monthly theme that you can use to enhance, support, and/or improve your own life with disease.
  • (1) 5-7 day focused group challenge per month
  • Support, advice, and encouragement from me (Tina) from One Autoimmune Journey
  • ...and we are just getting started! There is more to come in 2019!

Here are just a few things this group could do for you...

Join a community of like-minded autoimmune warriors just like you, find your own patient voice, learn how to be your own best advocate, use your experiences to help others, learn how to live positively with disease, and focus on implementing tips, tricks, and strategies to your own routine to help you improve your own symptoms.

We've all been searching for a group of people that truly understand our struggle.

Well, now IT'S HERE, and the only thing it's missing is YOU.