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Hello! My name is Tina and I am the sole creator, writer, and creative thinker behind this site.  For over half my life, I have been dealing with and managing a multitude of health issues. Now, at 32, I have acquired over 25 official medical diagnoses, at least 4 of which are autoimmune, over 14 medical surgeries, and more medications and supplements than I can count.  Because of this experience, I am both passionate and driven to share all that I have learned in my own journey with others, all from a unique patient's perspective.

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Are you interested in improving your own symptoms, one small step at a time?  Even though our conditions and symptoms can flare and be hard to manage at times, I strongly do believe that when small changes are implemented, large improvements can happen!

Want to learn how?  Connect with me and join one of my free groups and/or 7-10 day challenges. OR choose to work with me and invest in your health for the long-term. The choice is yours; the support by me is always the same!

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Hello, everyone!  And welcome to a new series I like to call my Personal Health Reports or PHRs.  Just like many bloggers produce a monthly Blog Income Report to share their successes and challenges in blogging with their readers, I intend to share the same; however, instead of my successes and challenges being about income or…

Welcome to One Autoimmune Journey

By Tina

Hello and welcome to my website and blog, One Autoimmune Journey. I plan on using this page to share my own personal experiences with autoimmune disease as well as resources, tips and tricks, and programs I’ve used that have truly helped my symptoms along the way. My Autoimmune Story: If you are new to my story,…

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