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The first official blog post of www.oneautoimmunejourney,com.

Hello! And welcome to the first official blog post of my site, One Autoimmune Journey! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you are here!

In this post, I would like to provide you with a quick (hopefully) overview of my life with autoimmune disease and chronic illness so far (prior to 2019).

Hi! I’m Tina and I am the owner, writer, and main voice behind this blog.  In life away from what I feel is my true passion (…this blog), I am an English teacher and college adjunct instructor by day and autoimmune warrior, writer, and advocate by night. Officially, I have earned over 26 medical diagnoses, at least 6 of which are autoimmune in nature, and have ridden my fair share of roller coaster rides with illness. I have now recovered from over 14 health-related surgeries, have visited more doctor’s and specialist’s offices than I can count, and have tried just about everything I can possibly think of, both with medical guidance and through my own research, to try to better manage my own conditions.

You see, if you are new to my story, I have been feeling less-than-well since I was a child. With each new year came more health challenges, more treatments, more medications, more supplements, and more doctors that did not know how to “fix” me. Most traditional methods of managing health conditions did not work for me and most traditional doctors I visited could not tell me why.

Over time, I accumulated multiple autoimmune and chronic illness disorders, constant fatigue and pain, and multiple health-related diagnoses that constantly left my head spinning most of the time. I mean, I literally have had to keep a spreadsheet on my computer just for medical appointments, supplements, medications, and information; otherwise, I’m sure I’d forget to do or manage one of my conditions at some point.

However, throughout this experience, I gained something I never thought I would have: an interest in medical research and a HUGE passion for health and wellness. And I now have this constant need to serve others alongside a willingness to share all that I’ve learned with the world.

You see, if my experiences could help just one other person, I feel like it makes this journey worth it.

Life with autoimmune disease is not easy; but, it does not have to be hard either. Even though I am not a medical professional of any kind (yet); I am an autoimmune and/or chronic illness warrior just like you. I have many of the same struggles, I face many of the same challenges, and I find myself learning more about how to manage my own conditions each and every day. Through this experience, I bring over 15 years of experience as a patient and unlike a medical professional’s point of view, I feel I can bring a unique description of our patient experiences to life.

It has now become my mission to share the patient voice, help others realize their true potential, and through a love of life, show you how to live well, even with disease. Even if you have to make accommodations or modifications to something or you have to do something in a different way than your average person, that’s okay; as long as you do it, you experience it, and you do not sit back and allow life to pass you by.

You see, we only have this one life to live and by living it with a positive outlook, even with disease, I feel like we can still accomplish great things.

This is One Autoimmune Journey.

This is my mission and I am thankful that you have chosen to ride the ups and downs of autoimmune disease life with me.

My Autoimmune Story Starts Here

**More information will be added over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

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